7 Youtube Style Inspirations

  1. Bestdressed (aka Ashley)
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taking a shit but make it fashion

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Ashley shows so many different styles and all of them are super cool. Not to mention that her videos are really well done!

2. The Anna Edit

While I can’t see myself dressing like Anna, I absolutely love her wardrobe videos and she has definitely encouraged my knitwear love.

3. Helen Anderson

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2 pints in & Norwich wanderings πŸ–€

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Every time I watch Helen my confidence boosts by 50%. She wears her clothes, they never wear her and she has exquisite taste.

4. Linh Truong

Linh has a glorious personality and such a fun, colorful style!

5. Lucy Moon

Similar to the Anna Edit in that I don’t see myself dressing in such neutral colors as Lucy, but I still love her videos. She has such a calming voice and a beautiful person.

6. Joanna Spicer

Joanna makes me want to buy 100 colorful, patterned button ups and grin. I love her attitude and the rare times she posts style videos I basically scream.

7. Hannah Witton

Hannah makes amazing sex-ed and stoma content, so definitely watch that, AND she loves yellow a lot, a lot and dresses in awesome patterns and colors.

That’s a wrap! Let me know in the comments if you follow any of these content creators or if you have any more recommendations!

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