What Elizabeth Bennet would wear in 2020

Pride and Prejudice is my favorite Jane Austen novel of those I’ve read so far. I identify with Elizabeth on many levels and it would be so cool if she were alive in 2020 and could maybe be my best friend. I’d like to fully flesh out this scenario, so lets brainstorm about her 2020 style…

I have linked almost all of the images to exact items.

First up is jeans; basically every human in 2020 owns some version of jeans and I’m thinking Eliza (Do you think we’re on those terms yet? I sure hope so.) would go for a classic, slightly retro jean.

Like maybe some old-school Levis? Cute!

Up next we’ve got a cold weather top option. The vibe I get from Eliza (I’m just gonna to go for it) is that she wants her clothing to be comfortable and confidence boosting and not get in her way. So, a chunky, cozy sweater seems like a perfect fit.

This one has some detailing in the knit that makes it more interesting and a silhouette that is great tucked into jeans.

Now for a lighter weight top option I’m thinking a silky white blouse.

This one has a really cool vintage feel with the neckline and would bring Eliza back to her 1800s origin.

For a summer shoe I think it would be best to go in the direction of bows and fabric rather than plastic do that it doesn’t feel too modern.

These fulfill all bow wishes and the sole is this wicker material which is nice and natural.

Accessories!!! To carry on with the bow theme I think Eliza would have a whole collection of hair scarves to tie her locks with.

The one in this photo has some floral detailing and shows a hairstyle I’d imagine Eliza donning.

For outerwear I’ve picked the classic trench coat, and I have a reason. When I picture Eliza 2020, I picture a woman with her stuff together and some tricks up her sleeve. If Eliza had a trench coat she would be able to stash all sorts of things in the inside pockets and look super powerful and mysterious.

This trench has a ton of pockets, 18 to be exact!

For a final item, it’s another pair of shoes; this time a winter pair. To go with the powerful, mysterious vibes of the trench coat I’ve picked heeled black leather boots. This is so that you can always hear Eliza before you see her.

This is a chic pair, eh?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little brainstorm sesh. let me know in the comments if you’d like e to continue this series (Although, I may do so anyway just because this was so fun to write.) See you soon!

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